Update - January 2019

Before Christmas I designed a few more pump clips and some bottle labels for Darkland Brewery. The beers they were design for are:


The beer is named after Niflheim, one of the Nine Worlds in Norse mythology. Niflheim is the home of primordial darkness, cold, mist and ice, so the pumpclip and bottle label feature an image of an ice planet.


The beer is named after a type of Viking long ship called a Drakkar or 'dragon' ship, so the pumpclip bottle label feature an image of an viking long ship at sea.

Blackcurrant Drakkar

This is the Drakkar beer with added blackcurrants, so blackcurrants were added to the pumpclip and bottle label as well as changing the colour of the beer name.

You can see the designs below:

Darkland Brewery Niflheim Pumclip image Niflheim Pumpclip
Darkland Brewery Drakkar Pumclip image Drakkar Pumpclip
Darkland Brewery Blackcurrent Drakkar Pumclip image Blackcurrant Drakkar Pumpclip
Darkland Brewery Niflheim Bottle Label - image Niflheim Bottle Label
Darkland Brewery Drakkar Bottle Label - image Drakkar Bottle Label

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