How it started

April 2023

EE Playmaker screenshot My 14 year old daughter has been playing football for about five years now, I've always taken her to training and matches and often helped put the nets up and take them down again. Grassroots football has been part of my life for these past five or so years and I love watching the team train and play. I always stay and watch the girls training sessions. At first it was because there was no point going home as I'd have to set off back to pick my daughter up not long after getting home, but as time went on I found myself enjoying watching the training sessions and seeing the joy the girls get from football.

Until recently I didn't have enough spare time to do much more than watch the training sessions and take my daughter to matches, but my circumstances have changed and I now have more spare time. One of the coaches at my daughters club mentioned the EE Playmaker course on the FA website, so I looked into it and as it is free, I decided to do it. After some technical issues stopping me from getting on the course were fixed by the FA tech guys, I started the course on the 22nd March 2023 and completed relatively quickley. This got me thinking about becoming a coach. After a few weeks of thinking aboit it, I approached one of the coaches for my daughters team and asked if it would be helpful to have another coach as I was thinking of doing the FA Introduction to Coaching Football course. He said yes it would be as the plans for the next season were to split the girls into two teams as there are now around 30 girls at training and about 25 of those are registered to play matches. It can be hard for the two coaches to run a training session and organise matches for the team in two different leagues with so many girls.

On the 1st May 2023 I paid the fee and enrolled on the Introduction to Coaching Football course. The start date is Monday 5th June 2023, so now I am eagerly waiting to get started. There are a few games left this season for my daughers team, so I am now standing with the coaches to be slowly introduced to the girls as a new coach. More to come soon...