What I do

I call myself a builder of web things because that is what I do, I build things for the web. It can be something as small as a component or widget, up to a large web application. I'm more than just a freelance Web Designer and Web Developer. I can build something new or re-design and if required, re-build something that already exists, but I don't stop there. I can help with hosting and domain names, website security, content writing and more.

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Some examples of my work

Ton o' Thorns website design
Out on the Hills website design

My process

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I start by researching and planning. I talk to you, ask questions and listen to what you say. This helps me to understand your business and your requirements.

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I sketch the layout and UI before moving on to wire frames. I then create the design and visual mockups and if required I'll create a prototype. I do all this bearing the user in mind.

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I build responsive, accessible, user friendly, optimised web sites and web applications. I build using the most appropriate web technologies.